In Toro Slot Cars develop all kinds of processes to obtain high quality models. We work with other brands of resin slot cars, making masters by means of computer systems using CAD / CAM to depart from the model to study its 3D scale representation. We also do custom painting cars models by airbrush with all types of paints, for both private collectors and for artisans of the resin, including the development of fully assembled decals or commercial kits from other brands . Toro Slot Cars offers these services to all customers and friends.



The manufacturing process of Toro Slot Cars starts with the redrawing of the blueprints of the original car using CAD Tool-to later export it to 3D tools. After obtaining the computerized model, we print each piece on a 3D printer to get the pieces that form the scale model car.




After, in Toro Slot Cars proceed to perform  the silicone molds with which obtain the resin pieces comprising the entire kit. Following the completion of the decals we proceed to paint the bodies and chassis, put the decals and painted and varnish for the final assembly of the model.



In Toro Slot Cars value our products for what they are: "a luxury item." Our reproductions of automobiles are accompanied with a diorama within a display box that enables its effective protection and easy access. To learn more about the services we can offer Toro Slot Cars or if you have any question please ask to contact us.