Porsche 956C Team Obermaier 1985 "DUCADOS" TSC-ELM01


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Porsche 956B Obermaier Racing team driven by Jesus Pareja, Jürgen Lässig and Hervé Regout in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1985, earning eighth place in the final standings of the race. Sponsoring Ducados (Tabacalera) and Hello!, ensure piloting the Spanish driver Jesus Pareja Mayo in his debut in the race and in whose honor we reproduce this beautiful machine.




In 1985 he made ​​his debut as a driver of Jesus Pareja in the 24 Hours of Le Mans as the only Spanish driver. This year the race was won by the Porsche Joest Team, would apply the new FIA rules for the limitation of the fuel tanks, and the rise of machines 962C between cars on the grid. The limitation to consume 2210 liters maximum for 24 hours affected the development of the race and become a fight against fuel consumption and not against time. Jackie Ickx took one last time and mechanical problems remain in tenth position. On the machine in question, the expectations were fulfilled by Jesus couple at the end of its debut test in an honorable eighth absolute, rolling in similar times than their teammates with more experience in the test.



The Porsche 956 was designed by Norbert Singer in 1981, as a replacement for model 936, with specifications of Group C sports prototype The first unit would be built by Porsche in March 1982. With an aluminum monocoque chassis managed to establish an unladen weight exceeding 800 kg. and less than 850 kg according to the specifications of the FIA for this group C. The six-cylinder boxer engine and 2.65 liters equipped with two turbo managed to a maximum power of 640 hp at 8,200 rpm., A torque of 630 Nm at 5,400 rpm. with a top speed of 355 km / h. Due to regulatory changes affecting the reduction of fuel tanks of 600 liters to 510 liters for racing over 1000 km, is set to reduce consumption. Porsche achieves greater efficiency in the power / consumption by introducing an electrical system Montronic Bosch electronic injection, the first Porsche racing with ground effect study in the wind tunnel, leading to the type 956B. This would be the domain of this model that the World Endurance Championship in 1985 created the team trophy.



Jesús Pareja (Fuencemillán (Guadalajara) 1955), is one of the best Spanish driver resistance of all time. Throughout his career he was faithful to the Stuttgart brand since thirteen shares in Le Mans, eleven of them he would with a Porsche engine. His inception in motorsport would occur in 1973, winning the Cup runner Renault 8 in 1974. A third place in the Copa SEAT 1430 and a second place in the Production Championship will be motivated to leave Spain in 1983. Participate in the European Cup Alfasud, which would compete against the Spanish Luis Perez Sala and Luis Villamil. In 1984 he played the European Cup Renault 5 Turbo, and that was when John Nedelcu, former CEO of Ford Spain and senior executive of Porsche, saw him in Hockenheim, recognized him and, without more, it spoke to Jürgen Barth, a engineer-pilot influential racing department of the Stuttgart brand. So, not wanting to help without any pilot became senior professional, to finish at the World Sports Prototype. In his resume highlights the year 1986, taking second place in the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the Repsol-Brun Motorsport Endurance World Championship Team this year and the first outright victory of Spanish in the Championship (Jerez). From this year international sporting recognition is indisputable. Star in one of those situations that enhance sad but epic pilots (Pareja-Larrauri and Brun), the team (Repsol-Brun) and increase the history and myth of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, as not being able to finish it in 1990 by engine failure when he was about to reach the Jaguar race leader and only fifteen minutes from end. After several successful seasons in GT championships in Spain and one last appearance at Le Mans in 1997 with Pacific Racing Team aboard a BRM P301, withdraws from the competition. He is currently president of GT promoter Sports Spain, Spain leading the championship GT and Formula 3



The model presented, Porche 956 B "Ducados" was the beginning of Toro Slot Cars as a brand, a collaboration between friends Slot fans that in the presence of 25 kits of undecorated Slot.it brand, raised the possibility to "get" those cars that, for commercial reasons, never made ​​by major manufacturers but whose legend lives on in the memories of many motorsport fans. For the model at hand Toro Slot Cars created the decals to scale and is hand painted and mounted to each of the 25 units. This very limited edition and exhausted, performed on a plastic kit from another manufacturer, is the exception in the Toro Slot Cars concept work, but is greeted with affection as "foundational reference" of Toro Slot Cars.